Thursday, 22 June 2017

Report about Matariki

                  Report about matariki   

WALT: Write a report about Matariki

Questions about Matariki????
what is Matariki about?
What do you know about Matatriki?
Why is Important?
Who brought up Matariki?

Matariki is a tradition to maori new year. There are two words of matariki ( Mata riki is little eye) (and Mata ariki is the eye of god.) There are seven stars, and those seven stars are all about seven wakas that has sale from the south to the north side. Matariki is the maori name for the cluster of stars also known as pleiade.
The name for matariki is also used for the central stars in the cluster. The stars are named
( Tupu - a - nuku, Tupu - a - Rangi, Waiti, Waita, Waipuna - a - Rangi, mereope) there are six stars but one is the mother and it’s name is mereope. She is the one that is the last star.

Image result for matarikiThere are seven sister’s that are name ( Te Uru o Ie Rangi, Tupu - a - nuku, Tupu - a - Rangi, Waiti, Waita, Waipuna - a - Rangi, Mereope. The heavens of matariki is named after the seven sisters also matariki name for the small cluster of stars also known as pleiade.

Matariki Light Trail

Matariki is celebrated with many lights
It is held every year and it never fails
It's like jail but I will never want to bail.

Reading Quiz

WALT: read the story and answer the questions


This read theory has inspired me by reading the story and answering the questions that are on there. It was pretty hard to guess so I research the word ( Voyage ) it means a long journey involving travel by sea and in space.  

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The coming storm

The Coming Storm………

It was a life time, as I look out of my window there was something strange outside, but as I looked again it was a storm coming near my house. As soon as I saw the storm it was cloudy,windy and raining. But lucky it went to the other side if the storm came near my house it might be a tornado that might happen and it might crash into my house.

Boom!!! As I realized that a storm was coming near my house, but as I look carefully there was strange noise out at the front and it was a bad looking outside because there was a tornado spinning around the street, but as soon as the storm was still going on and on and on I wanted to call my present but just a moment I had no telephone at my house. Then once more time the big storm came back  again and it was, cloudy,windy and raining I wanted to go outside, but as the rain came I was not allowed to go out and play with my friends.

Soon as the storm was still going on, I was trying to find somewhere to hide so I can be safe from the storm.


I don't believe in magic

WALT - Use show not tell to describe an emotion  

Success criteria
  • I must have show not tell.
  • I have to use strong vocabulary
  • I should edit my work and see if it has what I need in my writing.

At school there was a magic show in the hall. I was thinking why people was going to the hall they said there was a magic inside the hall, but I didn’t believe in magic but in a meanwhile there was a bunny in the hall then ………..

After play time all room 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 went to the hall and watched a magic trick. When we got to the hall we had to sit down and listen what he was going to do next , as he started there was a man with his rabbit. So as I saw it ‘s bunny I ran to it and it didn’t like me, but before I even touched it I thought the bunny was kind but it was mean to me. As it started I went back to my set and sat down feeling unhappy. When the man started his first magic trick his rabbit came upon me, and it just sat on me like I was a chair I tried to move, but I couldn’t because there was no more chairs lift then I gave the bunny to Angela but In a meanwhile the magic man’s name was called Ben. He called out for his bunny so he can do something to the bunny. Ben just put the bunny inside his hat and said a magic word (abracadabra) he called some other kids from the other class to try out the magic trick that he has showed us. They couldn’t say the magic word so they tried and tried hard to say the magic word but then Ben did it. As the bunny came out he was mad when he came out of the hat it’s bunny was wet because the bunny stay inside the hat to long so when the man made him come out he was sad.

The fun part was when the man made his bunny come out of his hat but as he took the bunny out it was funny.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Spending Time With Room 10

Success criteria
  • I must have strong vocabulary so my story/writing can be more interesting
  • I have to try to use show not tell.

In room 10 I helped miss Peterson with her kids on skipping, but as we did skipping I had to tell the kids to stay in there line and wait until the music is on. Suddenly miss peterson had to go and get the long rope’s so then I told the kids that we will go through the routine and I asked them if they had a song that can connect to the routine that you are doing.

So miss Peterson brang the long rope’s to do double touch. In a meanwhile the kids choose a remix that was
( we know the way by moana) everyone had to sit down a listen to the song until they can skip to the song. They tried to skip in the same time but everyone kept on doing something else. Soon as we did the item everyone did what they had to do Inri had to help the other kids to jump in the rope and how to keep in a straight line. Room 10 kids has been told that they have to bring close shoe when they practice in the hall and Inri had to tell the kids to listen to miss peterson what she has to say to the kids. Soon as we were going start skipping. The lunch bell rang. Inri and I had to go back in class because the other kids from room 7 and 8 came back from the science roadshow.

The fun part was coming back to class, but it was pretty fun with room 10 kids. Miss was happy to have us but it was tiring looking after room 10 kids.