Monday, 4 September 2017


 Arithmetic                      5/9/17

During class time I have been going on to this site that can help me know new strategies that I haven’t learned yet and up top is a link to the game

Fact Monster

Fact Monster     05/09/17

During math time I have been learning how to add up to tens and twenty. I found it hard on my division because it was up to the eighty and the ninety. Up top is a link to that game


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Industrial - Definition

Synonyms                 Antonyms
Automated                Domestic

Root word-  


Meaning -
Industrial mean relating  to or characterized by inducting.


Sentence -

Sydney was the center of the disturbance, and the city was in a state of industrial siege, feeling running to dangerous extreme.    

this is what is have been learning today at school

Monday, 28 August 2017

Prefix and Suffix

                     prefix and Suffix           

During reading I went across this game. I have been choosing an answer that they have given me. I understand more things about this game.

Quiz Readtheory

Read theory

During reading I came across this read theory. I have been choosing an answer that they gave me. I understand more about this reading. I must learn new strategies that I have't learnt before. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Prefix and Suffx

   Prefix & Suffix Game                 15/08/17

During reading I had to add words that can make a sentence to the other words and I have learnt how to make new words that are vocabulary.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

How to get along with my classmate

Rangi                                    Explanation                                  27/07/17

Topic - How to get along with my classmate

WALT: Write an explanation about mistakes.

Success Criteria
  • I must have a topic sentence
  • I should have strong vocabulary
  • I must have the right language to use in my writing

How to get along with my classmate -  well I guess when you are new at a school you will manage that you will make friends and you and your friends might get along with each other…

Well you might imply that when you are alone someone might come to you and ask if (you want to play a game with her or Do you want to walk around and talk about your old school.) Somehow you might get shy by talking to that person.

At that time you might be brave and talk to your friend in your class. During playtime you might go and ask your mate to play with her.

Then when you and your friend gets along you might wait for next year and see what the two of your’s are going to do next, what I think is best for you is just to make more friends so you won’t, feel alone with just one friend.

By the time you meet more friends I think it is better to ask what there names are so you don’t have to call them girl or boy. I guess I think you might have a chance to say there names correctly.

During the weekend I think that your friend might ask if you want to sleepover there house.

If you want to get along with friends make sure that you are brave and talk to the person.